JamboPay Services

E-commerce Checkout

JamboPay provides a solution to accept payments from merchant websites. It is the most convenient way to enable shoppers pay for products/services by providing a fast and secure gateway to enable clients to make payments with Visa,Master card, M-Pesa and Airtel Money.

The gateway has extensively harnessed the existing local and international money transfer solutions to ensure that all visitors are well catered for. The reporting tools that JamboPay provides adequately helps in decision making hence productivity in business.

Open your business account today if you have a website and you will start using JamboPay as soon as the account is activated.

Fee Payment

JamboPay enables students to pay for their school fees online. The respective schools need to have an enabled business account to enable students to pay. This is a cost effective solution that enables students to remotely pay for school fees remotely at their own convenience.


Organizations/individuals can now receive donations securely from any part of the world thanks to JamboPay.The NGO’s only need to open a JamboPay business account and integrate JamboPay to their website. We believe that JamboPay has harnessed both local and international money transfer channels to enable visitors make contributions fast, securely and conveniently.

Bill Payments

Pay and receive for your utility bills securely through JamboPay from Visa, M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Yu Cash, Mastercard and other channels

Till Payment

Accept payments from your retail or wholesale outlet through JamboPay


Event organisers and travel companies can sell events and tickets through JamboPay, with complete end to end authentication

Bulk Payment

Make bulk payments to multiple banks or mobile money accounts such as M-Pesa by a click of a button with JamboPay

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